About Pon Logistics

Who are we?

Pon Logistics has provided logistics services for various Pon companies for over 25 years. Our ambition? To increase our partners’ competitive strength.

We enjoy sharing our knowledge and we now help companies outside of our Pon network with logistics issues as well. With over 650 employees across 5 locations, we offer the full logistics concept.


Pon Logistics. Leading the way through smart logistics solutions.


Part of Pon

Pon Logistics is part of Pon, one of the largest family businesses in the Netherlands. Together, we stand for smart, safe, sustainable, efficient mobility and full logistics solutions, as well as:

  • 125 years in business
  • An international trading and service organization
  • Over 13,000 employees across 450 sites in 32 countries
  • 70 Pon companies
  • Powerful brands with high-quality products

Did you know:

  • 75% of the Dutch population has a Pon bicycle
  • 1 in 5 cars in the Netherlands has been imported by Pon
  • 80% of inland waterway vessels operate with a Caterpillar engine