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Koopman and Pon Logistics: how two car transporters resulted in a long-standing business relationship

You can’t mention Pon Logistics without mentioning Koopman as well. The two parties are closely associated and, after 45 years, still commercially interesting to each other. “It’s all about remaining focused on each other and on improvements, and sharing the same mentality,” says Marcel van Omme, Business Unit Manager for Parts at Pon Logistics. How do Pon Logistics and Koopman achieve this together? And how did their working relationship begin?

It all began with two cars…

Koopman is well-known for their innovative logistics services. 45 years ago, they decided to purchase two cars from Pon intended for car transport. They went on to purchase many more cars from Pon, as well as their cargo services in 2008. Rather than becoming a Pon customer, Koopman has developed into a long-standing logistics business relation. Pon helps Koopman and vice versa. Looking to the future, we see potential challenges for the working relationship in terms of optimum planning, working efficiently and staying focused on each other. Both parties hope to be able to benefit from their collaboration for a long time to come.

Shared mentality

It all starts with the fact that both organizations are family businesses. There is a prevailing mentality of 100% commitment and taking on fresh challenges within both organizations. Values such as reliability, safety and flexibility are also extremely important to both organizations. In any partnership, you need to be able to trust each other and think along the same lines. That is an important ingredient for this kind of long-standing partnership.

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For Koopman, sustainable driving is a high priority. Koopman describes this as follows: “We are committed to our customers, the welfare of our employees and the world of tomorrow. We factor the impact on people and the environment into everything we do.” Electric driving is currently difficult to achieve for trucks. Koopman hopes to eventually be able to drive on hydrogen. For the time being, however, we are driving using modern equipment.

Sustainability is also extremely important to Pon Logistics. Together, we promote smart, safe, sustainable, efficient mobility and full logistics solutions. Marcel van Omme expects that a greater focus on cleaner, faster, more reliable vehicles will be required in the future. Both parties are therefore actively tackling sustainability.

An enjoyable working relationship

A long-standing working relationship of 45-year is a wonderful thing. The working relationship is based on good faith and transparency. However, that does not mean that there are never differences of opinion. On the contrary: differences of opinion create extra focus. But perhaps the key ingredient is open, honest communication. We hope to maintain the working relationship for many years to come.

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