What are we doing to maintain employee health and vitality?

At Pon Logistics, our employees’ health and safety is a top priority. For that reason, HSSE completes an HSSE checklist twice a year. Employees working in both the warehouse and the office environment complete the survey in order to facilitate a healthy, safe working environment for all employees.

pon health

But it’s also about awareness.

In order to raise employee awareness of health and safety issues, newsletters are regularly sent out covering a range of specific topics, such as hazardous substances handling and the ergonomic layout of the workplace. Through narrowcasting, messages are displayed throughout the year that contribute to employee awareness.

Which other activities help maintain good health among our employees?

  • Pon Fit workplace check: our in-house physiotherapist looks at the work activities and how they place a strain on the body
  • Pon Fit periodic health checks
  • Pon Fit sports events and promotion of a healthy lifestyle
  • ISO 45.001 implemented for healthy, safe work activities
  • Measuring sickness absence percentage and (long-term) absences due to accidents
  • Various training and education courses are offered in collaboration with the EVO
  • Regular employee satisfaction surveys are conducted to actively improve the working environment
  • Nutritionists
  • Free fruit and milk