Together for a safe, healthy future

At Pon Logistics, we work towards a healthy, safe, and clean future on a daily basis. For ourselves and for our environment. We want to be a leader in logistics in the Netherlands and also be an example in the area of QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety & Environment). We do this for our customers, suppliers, neighbors, and of course for ourselves.

This is also evident from our core values:

Transport Management / Distributie

Passion to Perform

We have a passion to perform and focus on concrete results.
Transport Management / Distributie

Trust to Act

We are trusted to do our work and we do so with determination. 

Transport Management / Distributie

Act Responsibly

We are responsible for our actions and their consequences for our stakeholders and our environment. 

Transport Management / Distributie

Make it Fun

We believe that working with pleasure is a serious matter. 


We are ambitious and focus on our people and behavior in our policy. Because the success of QHSE is determined by our people. Only together can we ensure a safe and healthy future and optimal service. 

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HSSE stands for:

  • Compliance with all QHSE-related laws and regulations; 
  • Sensible management of QHSE aspects and risks; 
  • Sensible handling of QHSE effects; 
  • Strengthening awareness of QHSE of every employee; 
  • Continuous improvement of our processes 
  • Striving for high customer satisfaction 
  • Minimizing environmentally harmful activities as much as possible; 
  • Optimizing working conditions as much as possible and preventing personal injury.