Sustainable business for our future generations

As part of Pon, our family business, Pon Logistics strives to be a CO2 neutral organization. A sustainable, clean world is a top priority in everything we do. We aim to respect the environment, minimize our impact and offer our customers the greenest possible solution.

Sustainable solutions

This form of sustainability has also resulted in the launch of numerous sustainable solutions on market: from electric and hybrid cars and commercial vehicles to e-bikes and electric excavators.

At Pon Logistics, we factor in the following aspects in order to minimize our CO2-footprint:


  • Environmental management system, in accordance with ISO 14.001
  • LED lighting: in the warehouse and offices
  • Encouraging electrification: 200 charging stations at the Leusden site. Charging stations are also going to be installed at the other sites.
  • Solar panels on the roof of our office in Leusden
  • Heat and cold storage in Leusden
  • ‘Pon aan de bak’: waste separation awareness campaign
  • Use of biodiesel (HVO) during transportation
  • Lean and Green Star’ for sustainable mobility (1st star)

Pon & CO2-neutral business

Sustainable entrepreneurship is one of the pillars of our ‘We move you to a better world’ strategy. This implies that Pon strives to reduce its CO2-emissions as actively as possible. We are well on our way in the Netherlands. But Pon wants more and has therefore launched a CO2-neutral strategy with the aim of achieving all of Pon’s own activities without a CO2-footprint. As of 2018, Pon is CO2-neutral in the Netherlands. Other countries will follow in due course.