We discuss dangerous situations and act accordingly

We have a wide range of business activities and those activities have a huge impact. For that reason, we have a strict HSSE policy. Our HSSE activities result in a healthy, safe working environment for all.

Mandatory safety training

All employees on the shop floor receive mandatory safety training at the start of their first day of work. A special safety room has been set up for this purpose, where employees receive their induction training. The room is freely accessible, so they can also go there to find out the latest safety developments and work instructions. We also encourage our employees to always report unsafe situations and disasters to team leaders. We monitor the number and type of reports each month and adjust the training courses accordingly.

BAS campaign

All of our employees and temporary workers, who work over 1,000 hours, received BAS training in 2017. BAS stands for Bewust-Altijd-Safe-Secure-Schoon (‘Conscious-Always-Safe-Secure-Clean’). This training covers all aspects surrounding these topics. This training is now part of the induction day for all new employees and temporary workers.

BAS training makes our employees aware of the issues surrounding safety, health and a clean workplace and shows how employees can make their own contribution to that. The basic premise of the training is: ‘I contribute to a safe, healthy, environmentally friendly Pon Logistics’.