Mission, vision & core values


Pon Logistics increases its customers’ competitive strength by providing a high-quality full logistics package at prices that align with the market.


Our existing and future customers can expect us to be proactive in providing customized services. As our business partner, you get a level of service that exceeds your expectations and we deliver as an efficiency center at the lowest cost. We offer customer-specific solutions in physical distribution, Value Added Logistics services, supply chain management and consultancy. You can focus on your core business and leave the logistics to us. That is our profession – our core task.

Core values

Transport Management / Distributie

Passion to Perform

Passion to perform and focus on concrete results.

Transport Management / Distributie

Trust to Act

We are trusted to do our job and do it decisively.

Transport Management / Distributie

Act Responsibly

We are responsible for our actions and the implications of our actions for our stakeholders and our environment.

Transport Management / Distributie

Make it Fun

Job satisfaction is extremely important to us.