What do we do for the health and vitality of our employees? 

At Pon Logistics, quality encompasses various aspects. We invest in the knowledge of our employees, the quality of our service, and conduct periodic checks to refine our policies. All of this is aimed at maintaining the highest quality both internally and externally, improving our processes, and keeping our customers satisfied.

With the Pon guidelines as our foundation, we ensure quality and maintain the highest standards in everything we do, focusing on quality, safety, and sustainability.

What do we do to ensure our quality? 

  • We have a certified Quality Management System in accordance with ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, and ISO45001:2018. 
  • We have active communication with employees and customers to ensure that we provide services as agreed. 
  • We invest in well-trained employees through training programs, workshops, and meetings. 
  • Logistical processes are supported by a Warehouse Management System. 
  • We conduct periodic internal audits to ensure that our products, processes, and resources meet the established requirements. 
  • We take our customers very seriously. We conduct customer satisfaction surveys, take complaints seriously, analyze feedback, and take appropriate measures accordingly. 
  • All of this is aimed at improving our operations and streamlining our processes.