Pon Sailing Regatta 2021

It all kicked off last Friday: the Pon Sailing Regatta 2021. It was a beautiful day on the Slotermeer in Friesland. A great atmosphere, friendly colleagues, lots of boats, delicious buffets and – despite the forecast and a little rain – beautiful weather.  


Team ModiForce was the big winner of the day in the final race.

The results:
Winners’ race:
1. Team ModiForce 1 from ModiForce: Jores Janssen, Walner Wymenga and Alwin ter Wischa
2. Team Moving Forward from Audi: Ferry Enders, Sabine Romkes and Bas van Wallenburg
3. Team Aandewind from Pon Logistics: Marcel van Omme, Jeroen Klunder and Alex van Dijk

“Losers” race:
1. Take it or Lease it from Pon Mobility Services: Jennifer Woltjer, Luuk Arentshorst and Remy de Jong
2. 2. Buns Sailers from Pon Facilities: Gert van den Heuvel, Hans Verhoeven and Ad Veuger
3. Audi Sport from Pon’s Automobielhandel (‘Pon’s car dealership’): Jeroen van den Brink, Ronald Winkel and Arnoud Vonk


Thank you to Koen Valk for taking the initiative and organizing the event. Thank you to all participants and attendees for a fun day, commitment and sportsmanship. We are looking forward to next year’s edition, which will take place on Friday, September 16, 2022!