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Pon Logistics receives second Lean & Green star

Last Wednesday, Pon Logistics received its second Lean & Green star. The star was awarded during a small ceremony in Leusden. Thanks to this second star, Pon Logistics is a step closer to achieving its goal of CO2-neutral operations.

Hired transport is one of the major causes of CO2 emissions. For that reason, Pon Logistics entered into a new contract with Koopman, its largest hauler, back in 2018. The contract includes a Supply Chain Optimization Plan (SCOP). One of the projects within the SCOP was the implementing the use of HVO fuel: a biodiesel that emits 89% less CO2 per liter than normal diesel. It was agreed that Koopman would use increasing amounts of HVO in three-phase process. Initially, that amount started with 8% back in 2018 and it grew to 22% of the total number of liters by 2020. Through this project and other optimization projects, which save kilometers and therefore fuel, Pon Logistics managed to qualify for a second Lean & Green star.

The result? A relative saving of CO2 emissions through transportation of 17.5% and a relative saving of CO2 emissions through energy (gas and electricity) of 38%. In total, a relative saving of 22.9% was achieved. This is a great result that Pon Logistics is proud of. After all, here at Pon Logistics, reducing our CO2 emissions is a top priority. This also allows Pon Logistics to stand out as a leader in the field of sustainable logistics and it gives the organization a positive image.

Pon Logistics received its first star back in June 2015, when we achieved our target of saving 20% CO2 within 5 years compared to 2009, the base year. Pon Logistics is now considering whether and how it might achieve a third star in the future.

Want to know more about Pon Logistics’ second Lean & Green star? Please contact Henk Heijnen at henk.heijnen@pon.com. He will be happy to tell you more.