1 april 2021

Plastic? Put it in a bag!

Last Friday, March 26, the Pouw Harderwijk branch received its first plastic roll. Such a great moment!

These plastic bags are specially made for plastic collection and designed for this new recycling method. You can simply use the 400-liter bag in a standard holder or waste container. If you run out of bags, the dealer can order a new roll.

Plastic is a costly and tricky stream to recycle, but hugely important. By facilitating this on a large scale, we are jointly contributing to a more sustainable world. We really need your help with that! By doing it together, we can keep the costs as low as possible and the impact as high as possible.


The six steps:

  1. The dealer collects plastic that meets the conditions
  2. A full bag may be presented to the overnight shipment without prior notification (make sure the bag is properly tied)
  3. Clearly put the bag out for collection by the driver, with a note on it if necessary
  4. At Pon Logistics, all plastic is collected in the compactor
  5. Van Gerrevink collects the full container from Pon Logistics
  6. The recycling process begins!