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24 juni  2020

Improved service to dealers thanks to the Ubidata dashboard

At Pon Logistics, we are constantly improving the service we provide to our dealers. Together with Koopman, we explored how we could improve our order deliveries and the relevant communication. This resulted in the Ubidata dashboard, which we started using last year.

The system works accurately. The drivers answer a set of questions on their on-board computer, which allows us to see how the delivery went. The dealer also receives this information and can see exactly how long the driver has been on their premises (for the purposes of the alarm) and whether everything was delivered. The POD (Proof of Delivery) of the last delivery is therefore faster and more complete and includes photos and corresponding reports.

We continue to work with drivers and dealers to find out how we can optimize the process in order to keep it as efficient as possible. However, the information will continue to be entered manually, which means human errors may occur. Fortunately, we have short lines of communication with our colleagues at Koopman and we can quickly find out what the situation is. We quickly correct these small issues in order to avoid erroneous reports in the future and improve our service!