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“We always have packaging in stock and in house within 24 hours”

Keune is the largest family-owned hair cosmetics company in the world. They have been producing hair products for professionals since 1922 and they also have filling lines for products of other brands. Their stock of packaging materials has been stored at the Pon Logistics warehouse in Barneveld since June 2021.


Mutual relation

Pon and Keune came into contact through a mutual relation. André van den Breemer, head of the Logistics department at Pon Warehouse in Barneveld, recalls that they needed to store 1,200 to 1,500 pallets containing packaging. “They were looking for an experienced party and so we began talks to find out what they needed and what we could offer. There was a good click and that’s how our collaboration began. So far, both parties are extremely satisfied.”

warehousing bulk

Empty packaging stocks

“Keune’s packaging suppliers send us all kinds of materials to store. When they begin production at Keune, we then return it to Keune in Soest,” André explains. “The packaging industry has a delivery time and there have also been delivery problems recently. That’s why Keune wants to have a larger quantity of packaging in stock. Stopping production isn’t feasible, so having larger quantities of stock is the only option. We soon had to store approximately 3,000 pallets, which is about 2,000 m2 in terms of space.”

Fast delivery time

Through this construction, Keune benefits from rapid availability of packaging materials. André: “They had requested a delivery time of 48 hours, but we can also manage 24 hours. Whenever they need something, we make sure they have it soon – an ideal solution!”

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