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Aluca latest acquisition for Pon Logistics Veenendaal

Pon Logistics Veenendaal’s services were further expanded in 2022. In addition to providing storage of parts for Swapfiets and ongoing work for Weener Plastics, they have been carrying out work for Aluca since May. Aluca is a German company that is part of Pon and specializes in high-quality commercial vehicle fitting.


Work activities

The cabinet components are transported from the Aluca factory in Germany to the Netherlands and assembled in Veenendaal. The commercial vehicle fitting process may appear simple, but every cabinet fitting is unique. Some cabinets are so complex that they take more than one working day to assemble. Team leader Leen Bedö says, “Occasionally, a customer will order the same interior for several vehicles, which means you have to fit the same interior several times. In general, however, the requirements differ from customer to customer.”

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Applicants who want to work for Aluca first of all need to undergo a test. The test assesses their skills and technical understanding as well as their physical condition. Leen: “If the applicant passes this test, they can start working. An onboarding period of at least three months then follows. Employees really do need this time in order to master the specifics of the job. The first employees who started working here in May were trained by Ulvrin Post from the LSC department to read 3D drawings and use them to build the interior. By working independently and gaining experience, they automatically become specialists.”

A fresh breeze

“I have worked at DC Veenendaal for over ten years,” Leen continues. “After such a long time, you start working on auto pilot if you’re not careful. When we received the order from Aluca back in May, my work suddenly involved completely different tasks. It mixes things up a bit and keeps me on the ball. I had to learn a lot in the process. There are now 18 of us working here, which is almost double the number we started out with. It’s certainly been necessary, as we are now optimizing Aluca so that we can take care of all the cabinet fittings here for both the Dutch and Belgian markets.”

An enjoyable working relationship

“Our working relationship with Aluca is very enjoyable. Everyone has their own tasks and responsibilities and there is a lot of communication between our departments and Aluca’s departments in Germany. I mainly discuss process-related issues with them. We think about what is going well and what could be improved,” says Leen. “Since the cabinets make quite a journey from Germany, they have to be well packaged. We are continuously making improvements in terms of quality, environment and efficiency.”

In Veenendaal, the working relationship is also going well and the atmosphere is great. Leen: “We are only a small team, so everyone helps each other out. Work is what you do anywhere and at any time – it’s the colleagues you work with who create the good atmosphere!”

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