on the move

Number 2 / Article 5 / 2019

Stobart activities taken over by Koopman

Together, Stobart Automotive and Koopman Autotransport have taken care of the distribution of passenger cars and commercial vehicles for Pon Logistics for many years. Stobart is now moving out of vehicle transportation for the Dutch market, however. In consultation with Stobart and Koopman, Pon Logistics decided that as of June 1, 2019, Koopman will take over Stobart’s former share of the transportation from the distribution point in Leusden. 

As part of this agreement, Koopman will hire the nine drivers currently working for Stobart. In addition to the work and the drivers, six of Stobart’s trucks will be also be taken over by Koopman. 

For Pon, this means a switch to a single source transportation after years of working with two providers. This does have a few disadvantages (less competition), but many more benefits, such as more opportunities for reciprocity and less meetings with the providers, reducing the costs. Besides, Pon has retained its right to resume multiple sourcing when the current contract ends.

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