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Number 2 / Article 6 / 2019

Special Double Decker Trailer for Swapfiets

We already spoke of the success of Swapfiets and its fruitful partnership with Pon Logistics in a previous newsletter. To be able to concentrate fully on its core business, Swapfiets prefers to engage a single professional partner for the storage and distribution of its bicycles and parts. That also allows Swapfiets to take advantage of existing transportation agreements, such as those with Parts Express and Mainfreight for parts, and Koopman/Smink and JCL for the bicycles themselves. This summer, we began using a special double decker trailer from Smink, which is part of the Koopman Logistics Group.

This trailer, originally designed as an enclosed car hauler, has been reconfigured, and can now transport 226 swapbikes at a time. This is almost 80% more than a regular trailer, which fits about 126 swap bikes. As shown in the picture, this allows for an efficient distribution to the various Swapfiets locations throughout the year, but especially to students in the first few weeks of the new academic year. 

De weg naar CO2 neutraal transport
Trailer Swapfiets 2

This past summer again saw Veenendaal and Barneveld putting in some hard work to provide the various Swapfiets locations with their loads of bicycles. In 125 trips over four weeks, they supplied more than 16,000 bicycles to 18 Dutch cities, in preparation for delivery to students starting the new academic year.

An impressive achievement, and one made possible by the Supply Chain Optimization Plan (SCOP) worked out between Pon Logistics and Koopman Logistics Group, in which sustainability also played a major part.