on the move

Number 2 / Article 2 / 2019

Meet Jakob Peperkamp

My name is Jakob Peperkamp. I’m twenty five years old and I live in Amersfoort. Early this year, I joined the Transport division, and I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I first started working at Pon Logistics in January of 2014. That began with a part time job in the warehouse in Leusden. I was still attending college at the time, studying Logistics & Economics.

I completed my graduation project at Pon’s Logistics Solutions Center. My research concerned the spare parts supply chain for the Volkswagen Amarok, which had been custom designed for the Dutch Ministry of Defence and was assembled by Pon. 

After completing my studies I stayed with LSC, now as a Logistics Consultant. In that position, I worked on various logistics projects, recommendations, and optimizations for different Pon companies. My work related mainly to warehouse moves and layouts. I did this for, for example, Pon Power in Almere, Pon Equipment in Sweden and Verachtert in Den Bosch. I also gained experience (together with colleagues) at a range of Pon companies in the Netherlands and abroad. In this video, I will tell you a bit more about those experiences

De weg naar CO2 neutraal transport

As I mentioned previously, my work as a consultant shifted from general logistics projects to transportation earlier this year. I will be taking over various activities from my colleague Dennis Higler, allowing him to focus on his career as a referee. This is a great opportunity for me to expand my knowledge of logistics and to collaborate with different Pon companies and their transportation providers.

I will concentrate primarily on projects and issues relating to transportation for the Pon Logistics locations in Almere, Barneveld and ‘s-Heerenberg. That makes me the first point of contact for account managers at transportation providers for these locations. Additionally, I will be working on the ‘Ship It Smarter’ transport tool and other transportation optimizations. Alongside my tasks relating to transportation, I’ll continue to take on warehouse projects and other logistics issues.

I look forward to learning more about transportation, partnering with transportation providers and the various Pon companies. See you soon!”