on the move

NUMBER 1 / ARTICLE 4 / 2019

Market Developments

The economy has been getting stronger and stronger in recent years. You are probably aware that the rates of our suppliers, including several shippers, have gone up considerably as a result.

Whenever possible, Pon Procurement goes for the best possible deal when it comes any tender, procurement, or purchase process. That’s good for Pon, but for you as well. During the financial crisis, it was often possible to achieve (major) savings, since the sender could choose from many eager shippers for each assignment.

Market shortages

The economic recovery has reduced the senders’ power in the market, which in turn has allowed shippers to impose more requirements on them. The economic developments have even let to shortages in the market. As a result, it is now the sender who is facing a challenge to deliver all its parts.

Staff shortage

The growing shortage of logistics personnel is being experienced by more and more brands, both in the warehouses and with the shippers. In addition to operational professionals, there is an increasing demand for highly trained logistics personnel, which is in part due to the growing digitization.

Other challenges

Other challenges we will face in the coming years are the increase in and expansion of privacy laws, more self-organizing (based on algorithms) and/or self-driving transportation and increasingly shorter delivery times.

Need support?

If decentralized suppliers and / or logistics service providers come up with price adjustments or indexation proposals, we can jointly determine whether there is reasonableness and whether alternatives may be offered at a central level. There is a lot of information available within Pon Logistics and Pon Procurement regarding the collective labor agreements, fuel developments, benchmark material, etcetera. This allows us to have a more substantive conversation with your supplier or business partner.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact Henk Heijnen or Raymond van der Putten.