On the move

Number 2 / Article 1 / 2019

LSC supports Derby Cycle Transportation

In our previous newsletter, we spoke of how Pon Procurement and the LSC at Pon Logistics supported the tender process for Derby Cycle bicycles for all their domestic and international distribution needs, as well as the accompanying returns. We described our support in the implementation of their new transportation provider for international shipments, JCL.

The international distribution contract with JCL was negotiated for a two-year period, concluding at the end of 2020. The contract for the domestic routes, with Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, will conclude at the end of 2019. Thus, in the first half of 2019, it was decided to explore alternative companies that could take care of the domestic distribution at a good price. Discussions were held with a transportation company interested in taking over the job.

After thoroughly analyzing the existing and alternative providers’ offers, however, Derby decided to extend the contract with the current provider by another year.

De weg naar CO2 neutraal transport

In early 2020, a project will launch to determine the distribution strategy for 2021 and beyond. Pon Procurement and Pon Logistics have again been asked to provide their support on this project.