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NUMBER 1 / ARTICLE 3 / 2020

LPR Integration with Pelzer Fördertechnik

Among other activities, Pon Logistics ‘s-Heerenberg supplies Motrac Linde parts to customers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Pelzer Fördertechnik is the German dealer for Motrac Linde in the Nordrhein-Westfalen region.

Until recently, carrier NOX Nighttime Express took care of all deliveries to Pelzer Fördertechnik dealerships and customers from ‘s-Heerenberg. As of April 1, the collaboration between Pelzer and NOX has come to an end and this transportation will now be handled by LPR.

LPR is a logistics company from Neuss, Germany, that specializes in day and night deliveries, straight to the technician’s van. For Pelzer, this will involve close to three hundred delivery addresses, to be supplied at night as much as possible.

The night deliveries are an important selling point for Pelzer, as this is the most desirable for their technicians and customers. This way, parts ordered late in the day on Day A will be immediately available on Day B.

The process is as follows: Pelzer may submit orders to Pon Logistics until 3:45 PM. ‘s-Heerenberg then picks the orders and prepares these for shipping. After 6:30 PM, LPR loads the freight and transports it to their hub in Germany. From here, shipments are delivered to Pelzer’s vans that same night.

Linde Pelzer