on the move

Number 2 / Article 3 / 2019

Heavy Goods transport study

Pon Equipment Netherlands has commissioned a study of the transportation of the various machines and accessories, which started this summer. The focus is mainly on any activities in the ‘heavy goods transport’ category. We will explore multiple aspects of this transportation and search for opportunities to combine volumes and create synergies.

All parties providing services for the four divisions, New, Rental, Used and Service, will be included in this study. The initial results reveal a significant spend, making an investigation of the possibilities well worth the effort.

Besides mapping the transportation companies, creating a solid overview of the divisions’ various transportation wishes and requirements is of at least equal importance. What are the absolute ‘must haves’, and what would be ‘nice to have’? This can differ per division, and even per piece of equipment, of course.

Pon Procurement and Pon Logistics will support Pon Equipment in this project and will supervise the process. Hopefully, it will lead to clear agreements with a select number of transportation companies in early 2020, resulting in transportation of the right quality for an even better price.

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