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NUMBER 1 / ARTICLE 2 / 2020

Carrier Invoice Optimization with Tableau

At Pon Logistics we are working to optimize more and more of our processes, analyses and insights through Business Intelligence (BI). Tableau is our BI tool and this is what we are using to optimize our carrier invoice process.

Each carrier that transports goods for Pon Logistics (or Pon’s clients) submits an invoice on completion of the job. This contains specifications and costs for the services rendered. Before, we did not know the amounts in advance and had to wait until we had received all the invoices. A time-intensive process, and one that left us dependent on the carriers.

We have now set up overviews in Tableau for various transportation flows. These help us to predict what the carriers will invoice us. This way of working allows us to allocate transportation costs directly, without waiting for the invoices to arrive. Furthermore, we can verify carrier invoices using our own shipping data.

More BI reports will be added in the upcoming months, ultimately resulting in the best possible prediction of transportation costs. This will contribute to the speed and quality of our transportation invoicing.

A sample of a Tableau overview is included below.